Are You Competitive?

I love these thought by Ken.



For many years I was a very competitive athlete.  I followed up with even more years as a very competitive coach.  I seem to have retired at about the right time since the current philosophy in sports seems to be that everyone deserves “game-time” simply by virtue of being alive.  In high-school cross-country running, you can only run seven runners in a varsity competition.  Everyone else runs junior varsity.  It doesn’t matter how hard you work or how old you are.  It’s a simple matter of endurance combined with speed.  Yet I was blessed with a large group of individuals  who believed in always giving their best effort at everything they did.

When we prepared to compete, it was more than just practicing our endurance and our speed.  We tried to keep every aspect of training at the highest level.  This included being concerned with diet, hydration, clothing, footwear, sun exposure, sleep, social…

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2 thoughts on “Are You Competitive?

  1. The line that keeps ringing in my ear is “This may mean we have to do somethings differently.” Excellent choice for a reblog, Pastor J!

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