Caddo’s Seven Word Sundays 6-30-13


Finding time means saying “no” to something!

15 thoughts on “Caddo’s Seven Word Sundays 6-30-13

    • Hey Ann! I have missed you my friend. I stopped by your blog to read last week and realized I had already read the latest. It has been a busy season hasn’t it. I am tired and it’s not even Christmas yet!

      • Hi Pastor J,

        Busy does not begin to describe! 🙂 Thanks for popping over. I just managed to post… The thoughts are so in my head, but finding the time to sit and type is harder than I care to admit. 🙂

        At school I had the benefit of writing / posting between classes. I no longer have that privilege and life has been coming at me really fast!

        Christmas is a mere 5 months and some away … praying your strength as you wade on! 🙂

        I have taken a sneak peak at your latest. I will continue to read as time allows. Sounds like you’re serving up another interesting piece!


  1. Saying ‘No’ isn’t so hard – but deciding WHAT to say ‘no’ to certainly is!
    I fear I will never be up-to-date here. I’d love to be able to post daily – or even weekly – but I’ve given up that idea. I’ll just have to be satisfied with doing what I can.

  2. I find it hard deciding what to say “no” to. The past months have proven this for me, during our yearly fast in January-February, God lead me in a different direction. I found it difficult to believe He would move me from a ministry that I so love but I had to obey and make the hard “no” decision and in doing so I was able to see God change an individual’s heart. She did a complete flip from “I could never do that job!” to “I actually enjoyed myself!” I’ve found waiting on Him for the right decision is the best because it doesn’t work out so well for me when I jump ahead of God. I usually end up taking back steps instead of moving forward.

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