C.cada May 2013

C.cada (Cornerstone Christian artist’s day apart) was begun in an effort to give artists from every genre an opportunity to come together to discover, develop, and deploy their talents in ways that will better the church and the community


This artist’s community is moving on in the Lord.

We have asked ourselves the question “How can we be of value to our community?”

In the search for an answer we are beginning to move out of our four walls and into the surrounding artistic landscape. So this month I attended a concert of the Worcester Chamber music society in our hometown.

To find out more about this talented group of musical artists go to:


I am putting out feelers for like minded communities. Do you belong to an artistic community? OR Do you know of a community of artists who meet for purposes similar to ours? Let me know.

2 thoughts on “C.cada May 2013

    • It will never be a question stumbled upon. It must be intentionally asked. That’s probably why for years and years of my Christian walk I never even considered it. Now I am about redeeming the time I have lost for as the Word says the days are evil.

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