C.cada: A Night of Jazz

One of the directives God has given C.cada, as a community of artists, is to build an audience and to make ourselves known to the artistic marketplace of our region. One of the strategies we are using to make ourselves known in the marketplace is to intentionally attend different artistic functions in the community (that would seem like a no-brainer but God had to give it to me as a Heavy Revvy).

After our C.cada meeting  this Saturday Mom, Amanda and I headed over to the Whitney Mansion for a jazz concert put on by the Winchendon School and hosted by the historical society. Here’s a glimpse of our night:


I had hoped to have a God moment at this event. The Lord did not disappoint. I met a reporter at the concert who writes a by-line on the Middle East.  We had a wonderful conversation about the Bible and Middle Eastern thought.

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