Weekly Photo Challenge: Home

To me home is not a house but the place or places where you touch love and the lives of others. They say, “Home is where the heart is”. I think that means home is anyplace or relationship that evokes the senses of wholeness, contentment, peace and connection.

Ultimately I have yet to find my true home because as Paul the apostle said, “I am a stranger and a pilgrim in this land.” I will find “home” when I get to Heaven, but since I don’t know what that place looks like, here are some earthly representations of what I understand home to be.

12-4-12 10-24-2012 2-19-21 PM. 24 099Olde Centre Winchendon MA

010My children, Joe,Amanda (behind Joe) and Melanie

fall 10-8-12 001A New England farm

Mom Mom at home

brendaMy sister in Wormerveer12-4-12 10-13-2012 10-56-30 AM Doug and Dale, my mother-in-law and father-in-law

next door brook The brook next door

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